Like a Rubber Ducky, but with barcodes

The humble barcode scanner is used in virtually every industry that deals with physical products. While it may look simple, these devices actually have a surprising amount of features and complexity hidden inside. Using esoteric programming barcodes, one can instruct a scanner to type special keys and gain keyboard-like access to a machine. This allows one to execute attacks like running commands in a shell, manipulating system objects, or even editing/creating files on disk.

This tool, barcOwned (pronounced "barc-owned" or "bar-coned") provides a simple web tool to program a barcode scanner with certain rules, or "setup scripts", that can be used to deliver a payload. The tool is easy to customize with a minimal amount of Javascript knowledge and pull requests are welcome. Different manufacturers and models of barcode scanners use different programming barcodes, but after the baseline work of adding a new model is complete, existing scripts can be ported easily.

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