Setup Scripts

A setup script modifies the configuration of the barcode scanner and allows you to set up rules before injecting a payload.

File structure

Key Type Description
name String Script name, used in UI
setup Object
setup.options Array Options to enable on scanner
setup.adf Array Rules to install on scanner

setup.options is an array of strings

setup.adf contains an array of rules to install

Rule structure

Each rule has two keys, criteria and actions

The criteria contains an array of criteria to match on in the format

["stringatstart", "`1"]

where the first element is the match type and second is the string to match on

Creating a setup script

Create a new .json file in the scanner-setup-scripts directory for your script

Set the name key to a name for the script in the interface

Add your rules to be used with your payload


Next, create a manifest.json file in the scanner-setup-scripts directory

This file just contains the names of your payload files, like this


It will be automatically loaded by the interface, where you will be able to choose which script to use

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